Can you hear me? I don´t want this any more!

jueves, febrero 11, 2010

bright eyes‏

You hit the road and left me an ocean
I can't swim in the silence of your skin
Side the times we never had right
Inside two years alone with you

You said we were an accident
With accidents you'll never know what could happen
So we were an accident
You'll always be my favorite one.

miércoles, febrero 03, 2010

Shutdown 1979

I can't believe I had a fully developed conversation with my CD player's plug...
How did I come to this?
So alone I have to create the ilussion of inanimated objects speak to me so I can talk to somebody,or ,more precisely, something,anything.
I should do something about it if that bothers me,but I don't know...
Do I like this?
So desperate I take most of the pills that come to reach to try to think of the possibility of a quiet sleep,a nice dream;so utterly alone that suicide comes as a recurrent idea everytime my brain restarts.
I'd like to kill myself or have a sudden death.
I want a change,but I'm not THAT convinced to do it.
I have even come to think this isn't real,this looks to much like a dream.
Too much coincidences;it doesn't seem "natural" that I see every now and then something that reminds me of you.
This is more like a nightmare you can't wake up.